1DM For PC Windows 11/10/7

1DM is the famous and fastest web browser that is used for browsing as well as downloading purposes. 1DM basically stands for “One Download Manager”. It is provided with the advanced download manager which enables the user to download videos with torrent and video downloader support.

This app is a video downloader application that can able to download lots of videos in few seconds. When you have to pay so much for downloading normal videos, but this app will be ten times faster than that apps. And you can optimize the download speed of a video.

It does not share any information from the end user, which makes it completely safe for using. It is available in two types of versions they are, one is the normal version and the other version is 1DM plus version.

Download 1DM For PC Windows 11/10/7


1DM is a video downloader application that is developed by “Vicky Bonick”.Video downloaders are essential for any person who needs to download a video. To download any video we have plenty of applications, among them we need to choose the right one for downloading purposes.

When you search for that kind of apps you can easily notify that this 1DM is at top of the list. Even in this app, they will provide tutorials for beginners who don’t know how to use this app. This app will provide a great experience for the users. Most of the comprehensive tools are present in this app for downloading any type of videos.

Features of the 1DM app:

  1. This app is capable of downloading any video file directly into the SD card.
  2. We can able pause and resume the downloading process whenever we want.
  3. Both WIFI and mobile data downloading feature is also available.
  4. It can easily import and export the download links.
  5. Anybody can share the downloaded file with anyone irrespective of the time.
  6. Download errors will never encounter while downloading.
  7. Background downloading of the files can be carried out easily.
  8. Gives an indication after downloading a file either through notification sound or vibration.
  9. All kinds of files can be downloaded.
  10. The size of the file does not matter while downloading it.
  11. We can able to use it in any type of web browser.
  12. Sorting of the downloaded can be done based on time, size and type.

These are the major features that are present in the 1DM, which are mostly useful for the users. Here each and every feature makes the app more and more significant when compared with others.

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How to download or install the 1DM app on your PC?

We need to use an emulator to download this app on a PC. For this purpose the best and foremost used emulator is bluestacks. This bluestacks application makes the downloading process in an easier manner. The steps involved in the installation process are,

  1. Visit the official website of the bluestacks and download its file.
  2. After downloading double click on the downloaded file.
  3. The file will undergo the installation process.
  4. Configure the application by giving the required and appropriate setup permissions.
  5. After installing the bluestacks, open it.
  6. On the homepage you will see a lot of icons among them tap on the playstore option.
  7. In the playstore go to the search bar and type 1DM.
  8. Then tap the search option.
  9. Next, among the results click on the required app.
  10. After that click on the install button.

 Like this, by using the above simple steps you can easily install that 1DM app on your PC. And the configuring process of this app also involves simple steps only.

Plus version:

This plus version is the upgraded version of the 1DM app. Where it is having lots of additional features. These features include the process of add blocking. The main irritating part of any browser is having ads while any user is using it. To eradicate this we need to use ad-free applications.

This app is having that facility only. It can block popup ads, advertisements, unwanted publications and so on. Even it is provided with the option, that is we can able allow only certain ads which we want to watch.


Most of the people are using this application for downloading purposes. Because of its vast functionalities, nobody is interested to leave it without using it. The most important feature that is present in this app is scheduling time to download a file. This task is completed by utilizing the scheduler option in that app.

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