EasyShare App for PC Windows 11/10/7

Easyshare is a famous app that is used for file sharing purposes. Easyshare is an application that allows you to transfer files between your computer and mobile phone also. At the starting stage, it is permitted only for the smartphones, but now it has extended its facilities to computers and PCs also.

We can move files from one device to another device within few seconds using this app. Large size files can also be transferred without any trouble. Most of the file sharing apps are using lots of internal storage and internet accessibility for the file transfer purposes, but this app will never ask for that kind of permissions and storage access from the device which is using it.

Download EasyShare for PC Windows 11/10/7


Easyshare is a top leading application that is used by most of the people for file sharing activities. It is having a good and optimizable user interface and has a top rating among all other apps. Easyshare has strong team members who are working on the development of this application.

The main reason why this app is so popular is because of its ability to use the latest technology that is used in this app for transferring purposes. Almost all apps that are used for file sharing are charging a minimum amount from the user who is using it, but this app will never charge that kind of charge to the users.

There are so many models which are available in this app. The people who need to install this app must and should install the latest version. Because always the latest versions only contain the advanced features.

 Features of Easyshare app:

  1. Works without any internet connection facility.
  2. Can transfer the files at a rate of 40 MBs per second.
  3. File transfer can be done irrespective of the file size.
  4. It can be used anywhere at any time we want.
  5. Both normal and ultra-fast transfer file modes.
  6. Replication of files can be done.
  7. It supports all kinds of devices which are having a bluetooth facility.

These are the top features that are provided by the Easyshare app.

How to install the Easyshare app for PC?

There are so many ways to install this Easyshare app on your PC. Among all of them, the best way is to install using the NoxPlayer. This NoxPlayer is basically an android emulator. The steps involved in the installation process of the Easyshare app are,

  1. Download the NoxPlayer emulator file on your PC.
  2. After downloading the file install that application on your PC.
  3. Next open the application after completing the installation process.
  4. On the home page you will notice that there are so many icons.
  5. Among them tap on the playstore icon.
  6. Then navigate to the search bar of the playstore and search for the Easyshare app.
  7. Click on the required app.
  8. Tap on the install button.

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Like this, you can easily install the Easyshare app using the NoxPlayer emulator. After installing this app you can use the facilities provided by this app. While installing the emulator you need to undergo a little bit of a setup process which you can complete in a few minutes. If the user is unaware of using thus NoxPlayer means, that kind of person can use the bluestacks application in the place of NoxPlayer.


¬†This app is available in the name of “Easyshare”. It will come under the category of file-sharing tools. All types of computers and PCs can install this application. And the size of the app will vary from device to device. The last update that is made in this app is in April 2022. We can use it at free of cost and can download it in various formats.


This app is a simple and effective performing app. By using the above-discussed methods you can download and enjoy using its facilities. For normal file transfer purposes, we require some sort of cables like USB cables. These cables are not available for an individual all the time, so we must look forward for an alternative for this purpose.

At that time this file-transferring process through apps came into existence and among all the apps, This Easyshare app became popular due to its features and advantages. Not only this app there are so many alternatives of sharing apps like Inshare, Shareall , Xshare app and so on. By using this app on PCs we can able to experience the usage of this app on a large screen.

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