How to fix Gmail Server Error #707

Gmail is a free service provided by largest internet giant Google Inc. And this Email service is the most widely used web-based email provider with over 425 million active users worldwide. These email service provider also come up with some Errors.

What is Error 707 on Gmail?

Are you trying to send an Email? Because of some labs enabled now u are getting the Gmail error while you are sending emails like this.

“Oops… the system encountered a problem (#707)”
 “Server error occurred and your email was not sent (error 707)”.

 How to Fix Gmail error 707?

Some of the Gmail users have facing this problem of Gmail server while sending an Email. This is because you are using Gmail labs named “Background send”
1. Login to your Gmail Account Click on the Gear Box and select settings.
2. Switch to “Lab” tab under Settings
3. Now Search for “Background send” or Scroll down and Find “Background Send” Lab. Disable this lab feature.
And you are done now you can send email successfully, if same problem Error 707 happens again please use below steps.
1. First update your browser to latest version.
2. Clear cache and cookies.
3. Disable any browser add-ons(Firefox)/extensions(chrome) and start browser again.(Recommended add-ons to check are AVG,Norton And Do not track by abine)
4. Try starting Gmail without any labs by using (use to do that)
5. Temporarily disable your virus checker
6. Try another browser if problem exists again. IE recommended.
7. If problem not solved still use Basic version of Gmail. Using this URL

Uses of Gmail “Background Send” Lab

Whenever you are sending an email you have to wait until the email is sent. With “Background send” user is not needed to wait until the email is delivered. Sending email is done in background. So a Gmail User can do other works (go to inbox, read messages, clear spam) without wasting the time. This is the main use of “Background Send” Lab in Gmail. But it also create Some Gmail Error 707 in rare cases.

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