gDMSS Plus for PC Windows 11/10/7

gDMSS Plus is a surveillance app that is used to monitor a particular region. In the present society, security for physical objects is necessary. For that, we need to arrange either human or digital cameras. Since humans are included with a lot of expenses so we always adapt to digital cameras. These digital cameras are generally called by the name CCTV cameras. Here CCTV stands for “Closed Circuit Television”.

It is an electronic camera that can be used to record video and audio of a particular region where we had fixed it. This camera has been designed to capture all the data from that location. It is also known as the smart security camera. It is a very useful device for monitoring any kind of crime, robbery or other crimes. The main purpose of this camera is to keep track of every single thing in their required location.

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This gDMSS Plus is developed by the people of Zhejiang DAHUA Technology private limited. Using this app we can easily connect to any surveillance camera and can control it. This app will help the owners to prevent their properties from the shoplifters. For a single person it is not possible to look after their things. So it is always recommended to use these cameras to secure their entertainment.

By using these kinds of cameras we are not only securing the environment but also increasing the business on a large scale by keeping track of every activity. This app includes the playback option also which means we can see the required footage irrespective of time and date. At the same time we can extract the clip where we noticed the discrepancy and can be shared with anyone with the help of the same app only.

Features gDMSS Plus app:

Since this app is used for security, there are so many features that are provided by this app. The features are,

  1. Easily customizable camera views.
  2. Capable of displaying more than 128 channels at a time.
  3. We can able move the angle of the camera by using a mouse.
  4. It will support the options like the mainstream and sub stream.
  5. Displays the respective date and time adjacent to the recorded picture.
  6. Storing capacity can be enlarged by installing the hard disks frequently.
  7. User management section with multiple tools.
  8. Import and export of the recorded video footage are possible.

 These are major features provided by this gDMSS Plus app. Not only these features there is a tutorial section which is included in this app, by seeing them you can easily know how to use this app.

Installation of gDMSS Plus app on PC:

You can install this surveillance app with the help of an emulator. And the steps involved in the installation process of the gDMSS Plus are,

  1. First and foremost one is visiting the LD player site and download the emulator file. 2. Complete the installation process of the LD player by launching it.
  2. It will just take few seconds to complete the installation process.
  3. Give the appropriate commands to complete the process.
  4. Next open the playstore which is already present in it.
  5. Search for gDMSS Plus app in the playstore.
  6. Then tap on the app.
  7. Click on the install button.

Once you follow the above steps in the mentioned order then automatically the installed app is displayed on your desktop. And tap on the installed app to start using the app. By following the above-mentioned simple steps you can easily install the gDMSS Plus app on your PC.

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System requirements:

While we are decided to use this app there are certain requirements that the system must maintain to install this app. The operating system must be windows or MAC. The system resolution of the optimal system should have a minimum capacity of 1024×768 pixels.

The central processing unit is either 2.4 alga hertz and above. The RAM capacity should be more than 1 GB. Storage access of the connected device must be pre-allotted before using it


gDMSS Plus is an excellent app for monitoring the CCTV camera on a PC. Each and every point which is discussed above represent the complete information about the gDMSS Plus app. Any individual can look into their property when they feel uncomfortable and solve the problem with this app. Not only for security if there are chances of occurring any wrong things like robberies means at that time this recorded footage is used as proof to claim their assurance from various departments.

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