Gold Miner Classic for PC Windows 11/10/7

Gold Miner Classic is a retro gold mining gaming app. This app is a highly accumulated gold mining game. In this app, we have both single and multiple-player modes. By utilizing the multiple-player mode the user can challenge their friends and family members to play along with them.

In this game, every level is a combination of both graphics and fantasy music. This game includes social media connectivity and daily rewards to encourage the players to visit the game daily.

Download Gold Miner Classic for PC Windows 11/10/7


Gold Miner Classic game is also known as “Gold Rush”. This game is basically an arcade game which is developed by SENSPARK’s company in the year 2013. In this game, we have more than 680 challenges that every gamer needs to complete to achieve the highest stage in this game. To experience the game in a more interacting way they are providing the latest feature which is PVP mode.

This gameplay not only includes the collection gold but also includes finding precious stones by digging the ground as well. Gold miner classic is a great way to get your favorite coins madeup of gold. We have to do a lot of struggle while playing this game on any smartphone. To end this problem they have published this game in the PC version also. Where the gamers can install these game on their PC and enjoy playing on the large screen.

Features of the Gold Miner Classic game:

  1. Highly immersive game in the field of gold mining games.
  2. A lot of adventurous levels are present in this game.
  3. Each round is filled with hours of fun.
  4. More players can play at a time simultaneously.
  5. Provided with best sound effects.
  6. Leaderboard is displayed at the end of each round.
  7. Pausing the game is possible, which ensures the gamer to take a break while playing.
  8. Each and every level is provided with a clear description.
  9. It will never show ads in the middle of the game.
  10. Supports high resolution which makes the scenery and animals more beautiful than in normal form.
  11. A normal person who is not aware of games can play this game by simply following the instructions.
  12. We can play this game in offline mode, it does not require any internet connection to play a game in this app.

These are major features that are provided by this gaming app. Not only this there are more number of extensive features that are present in this app, but the only thing we need to do is to explore the game completely to get a better experience.

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The present version of this game is 1.1 . And is available with the name “Gold Miner Classic” on so many platforms. The last update that is made on this app is on April 3 in the e year 2017. And this app will come under the category of Casual mining games. The best feature that is added in the recent update global leader board.

The file size of this game is 19 MB. By looking at this an individual can easily know about the top score and top level of that game. Along with that, there is an auto-save option. If there is any power off or shutdown of the PC then the game is directly restored to the position where we left the game.

How to download the Gold Miner Classic game on PC?

In the downloading process, we will use the Memuplay android emulator. Memu player emulator will make the process of downloading in more easier way. The steps involved are,

  1. Download the Memuplay emulator from their official website.
  2. After downloading double click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  3. The installation process completes in few minutes.
  4. Then open the installed emulator.
  5. This Memu player emulator is having playstore as a pre-installed application.
  6. In the playstore search for the Gold Miner Classic app in the search bar.
  7. Tap on the search option.
  8. In the results which are displayed, choose the correct one.
  9. Click on the install button.
  10. After installing you need to sign in into your account to play the game. This like, you can easily install this gaming app on your PC. If you are new to this game then in the final step you need to click on create a new account to play the game by creating an account in it.


The people who are interested in playing the games which are having components like investing, searching and discovering. For them this game is a wonderful opportunity.

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