Google Indic Keyboard for PC Windows 11/10/7

Are you looking to Download Google Indic Keyboard for PC? Google Indic Keyboard is a type of keyboard that enables you to type text in whichever language you want. It has built-in keyboard features which can be used to type any text, and it also supports voice typing.

This keyboard is very easy to use and it’s free from any kind of software or hardware limitations. Our laptops are provided in such a way that we can only type English texts for our use. But by installing this app you can type any language depending on your requirement. Here on this keyboard, you can set up the language that you want to use.

Download Google Indic Keyboard for PC Windows 10/11/7


This app is very trusted because it is provided by the people who belong to “Google”. Along with the language type keyboard, it is also having google translator.

This feature enables you to translate the selected text from one language to the other language. By using this you can write the content in any kind of the language which you know can be easily translated into the required language.

Different types of language keyboards available in this Google Indic Keyboard:

This keyboard allows you to type messages, chat with people, compose emails and write on social media in multiple languages. The language types available in this keyboard are,

  1. Telugu keyboard.
  2. English keyboard.
  3. Hindi keyboard.
  4. Marathi keyboard.
  5. Kannada keyboard.
  6. Tamil keyboard.
  7. Punjabi keyboard.
  8. Odia keyboard.
  9. Malayalam keyboard.
  10. Gujarati keyboard.

Among all these keyboards the most used one is the English keyboard. Not only text, you can also send a lot of emojis and stickers using this keyboard for fun purposes.

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Features of Google Indic Keyboard app For PC:

Here are the best features that are represented by this keyboard. We will discuss briefly about each and every feature. The features are,

  1. Any type of language can be taken as input.
  2. All types of regional languages are also available.
  3. Writing in one language and converting it into other language using the translator.
  4. Able to text the alphabet in different font styles.
  5. Easy access to the keyboard while using.
  6. Along with this they will provide PC modes like Hinglish, native, transliteration and finally handwriting.

These are the major features that are provided by this Google Indic Keyboard.

Download Google Indic Keyboard on your PC

Google Indic Keyboard for PC

It is very easy to install this keyboard by using any one of the android emulators. Here in the following method, we use the LDPlayer emulator to install the Google Indic Keyboard app. Install the LDPlayer from its official site. And run it on your PC. Then the steps for the installation process are,

  1. Open the already installed emulator.
  2. After opening the LDPlayer you will see lot of icons on your homepage.
  3. Tap on the playstore option in it.
  4. In that search for Google Indic Keyboard in the search bar.
  5. Tap on the search button.
  6. Then a lot of related apps are displayed on the screen.
  7. Click on the original app that you want to install.
  8. Press the install button.

After this, the Google Indic Keyboard app is automatically installed on your PC. The only thing left is to customize the keyboard in whichever way you want.

How to use the Google Indic Keyboard:

Most of the users are aware of installing the keyboard but they don’t know how to use it. In the following paragraph, we will discuss how to use it and its functionalities. The setup process is as follows, tap on the settings button.

Go to time and language in the settings menu. In that navigate to the language option. Click on the add option at the bottom. Then you can add the preferred Indic language. Next tap on the language page which is displayed. Add the keyboard by clicking again plus button on the “Add a keyboard” option.

Finally, enable the phonetic keyboard by using the indicator on the taskbar. After doing all these things you can easily switch from a normal keyboard to your preferred keyboard whenever required using the windows switch key.


So many people are facing issues while texting to the unknown people who don’t understand their language. At that time they need to use a proper translator or keyboard to complete their work. This Google Indic Keyboard came into action at that time which is a combination of both keyboard and translator also.

The setup process of this keyboard is very easy which an individual can easily perform by following the above-mentioned methods. This app is mainly used by the typist workers because they need a lot of text to be texted to different kinds of people in different languages. All these things can be quickly completed using the Google Indic Keyboard, so they are using it.

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