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Some government websites have an Android app available, but they do not provide any link to download the app on their home page.

The user can download the app from the website, but the method differs. There is logic behind this which we will read below.

Currently, there is an IHIP app that the Health Department of an Indian Government provides. It is known as IDSP, also available on Play Store.

But today, we will also learn how to use the IHIP app from the official website by downloading it, signing up, and logging in. Along with this, we will also know what IHIP is in the end and what its complete form is.

You can also download this app from the website or the Play Store, but only if you get its link, which you will find in this article. Many users also face problems signing up, which we have told in detail.

What is IHIP APP?

IHIP is a program for disease monitoring by the Government of India, whose complete form is Integrated Health Information Platform. Wherein the full name of IDSP is Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme.

Under this program, government employees inspect the diseases happening in the country a minor Ministry of Health and Family Welfare branch.

With the help of this website, government employees find out about the diseases happening in the country and send all their data to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

For this, whoever is involved in this program is. nhp. gov. in and log in and enter the data collected by you. For users’ convenience, an app named IDSP is also provided by Ship, which is also available on Play Store. You can download it and log in.

How to create an account in the IDSP app?

I apologize, but I would like to tell you that no person can sign up for this. Because the username and password provided to use this app is given officially.

It means to say that the person who is a government employee, who works in this shop department, is given a username and password from the office.

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How to sign in to the IHIP app or website?

The process of signing in at both the app and the website is precisely the same; what I will tell you about the shipping app will also apply to the website.

If you prefer to log in to the website of this, then first you have to go to https://ihip.nhp.gov.in/idsp/#!/login link or login to the home page of the ids website.

You will get the button to do it. As soon as you open this link, a login page will open in this way, in which you have to enter your username, password, and captcha.

If you have a username and password, then to log in to this app or website, you will enter your username in the first box and password in the second box; after that, you will write the captcha code visible in the bottom box.

Remember that a captcha can be different for everyone; if you do not understand, refresh it; by doing this, another captcha will start showing.

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