IRCTC Rail Connect App For PC Windows 11/10/8

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is the full form of IRCTC. It is a government-maintained railway service provider that provides services to all sections of India. They are responsible for providing food, accommodation, transportation and other facilities to their customers who are traveling by train.

IRCTC trains are also known as the world’s largest railway service provider. They provide various services like railway ticket booking online, traveling passes booking etc,. The IRCTC trains are very popular among several people, because of their high speed and safety features and also due to their excellent service. IRCTC trains are very much preferred by people because of its low cost of ticket and providing quality service to all travelers.

Introduction irctc app for pc:

There are lakhs of people who are traveling in India daily and have no idea about the railway system. This is a great opportunity for them to get their tickets booked online with their own hands that too with accurate information.

The IRCTC trains are very convenient for the people as it has many facilities that make people more comfortable. Not only for smartphones this application is now available on all types of smart devices with internet connectivity like laptops, computers etc,. Long distance travels are not possible without the help of trans. Because normal transport vehicles like a bus cannot cover that much distance in a short period of time.

But the same distance is completed within a short period of time by the Indian railways. This is the reason most   people are wishing to travel by train. To travel by train one must buy tickets for the purpose of traveling, this purpose of purchasing a ticket for a train journey is possible in both offline and online. Most of the people will refer to online mode because it will decrease the work load and time consumption.

 Features of the IRCTC app:

  1. Easy registration process.
  2. All types of online booking for train tickets are available.
  3. User-friendly ticket booking system software is developed.
  4. Even, current reservation for the train tickets is also present.
  5. Al the previous travel history is present including the price of tickets.
  6. Fast booking of the tickets is also done.
  7. Easy retrieval process if the password is lost.
  8. Solutions for all types of enquires like seat availability, train searching and routes in which is train is going travel.

 These are the major features of the IRCTC app that makes the users more comfortable while booking tickets in it.

Specifications of the IRCTC app:

It is available in the name of  “IRCTC Rail connect”. And the current version of this app is V4.1.32, it will fall under the category of the travel service section of India. It will support in the android version of 5.0 the above versions. The maximum size of this file is 17 MB and available for free of cost for ticket booking purposes. This is the most used app for purchasing railway tickets in India.

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How to download the IRCTC app for PC?

There are several ways to install the IRCTC app for PC, among all of them the easiest ones are mentioned below. You must have a BlueStacks emulator to have this IRCTC app on your PC.The steps for the installation process are,

  1. Open the emulator on your PC which is already installed.
  2. Navigate to the playstore in the BlueStacks application.
  3. In that, search for IRCTC in the search menu.
  4. Locate the original app and tap on it.
  5. Click on the install button.
  6. Press the continue button.

Like this you can install the IRCTC app on your PC using the BlueStacks application.

How to book tickets in the IRCTC app?

Once you have installed the IRCTC app than simply login into your account after completing the registration process. After the login process click on the book tickets icon on the home page. Then select the pickup point and destination point. After that, a list of trains are displayed which are present in your prescribed route. Tap on any one of the suitable train which is convenient for you.

Then they will show the train schedule for that particular date. Select any one of the timings and click on book ticket. After clicking the book ticket option a certain amount for the traveling charges is shown screen. You have to pay that much amount using any one of the payment methods.


Like this you can easily complete the installation and booking of tickets in online with the help of the IRCTC app. To book tickets on online this IRCTC app is used by a maximum number of persons.

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