JioSwitch for PC Windows 11/10/7

Jio Switch is a famous tool that is used for file transfer purposes. As time progresses we also need to upgrade in the field of technology. In the beginning, we are using cables to transfer the data. Later on this process became wireless. In the wireless mode there are so many applications which are used to transfer the data. Among all of them, the Jio Switch is the best one.

This can transfer files from smartphones to PCs in just few seconds. Millions of people are using this application regularly for their purposes. It is having versatile features which is making it even more popular. Its functionality is straightforward file transfer. And it is very simple to use even a person who is having normal knowledge about the systems can handle it in an easier way.

Download JioSwitch for PC Windows 11/10/7


It is a unique app which is launched by the Jio company for the purpose of transferring files. There are so many types of transactions that are occurring in nature. Here the digital data transaction means transferring data from one device to the other device.

As the internet is expanded enormously throughout the globe, the data transactions are also increasing in the same way. We can transfer an infinite number of files using this app. There are so many useful tools that are already inbuilt in this app. Without any data leaks and size restrictions we can exchange the files between the devices. The different types of files like images, films, contacts, documents, music and so on can be transferred.

Features of the Jio switch app:

 Since it is a data transfer application, there are so many features which are present in this app. The features are,

  1. We can transfer files without using any cables.
  2. Completely free to use.
  3. Available for kinds of devices.
  4. This app will work without any internet connection.
  5. We can install this app either from playstore and also from AppStore.
  6. Does not require any external connection with the device.
  7. Transaction files will be faster than the normal transfer.
  8. Three is no size limit for the files that we need to transfer.
  9. It is user-friendly application and it is having a simple interface.
  10. Finally it is an ads-free application which means there are no interruptions in the middle of the file transactions.

These are major features that are available in this app. Each and every feature which is mentioned above are having wide usage.

How to download the Jio Switch app for PC?

To install this Jio Switch app on a PC we just need to use an android emulator. Because using this emulator we can easily access the playstore application which is already present in it. Here we will use the Bluestacks emulator for the installation purposes. The steps involved in the installation process of the Jio Switch app are,

  1. Firstly download the bluestacks android emulator.
  2. After downloading the file launch the application by double tapping on it.
  3. Once the installation process is completed dick on it to open.
  4. Then you will see the playstore option on the home page of bluestacks.
  5. Click on it.
  6. In the search bar of the playstore type Jio Switch and tap on the search button.
  7. From the results which are displayed you can select the official one.
  8. After selecting the app click on the install app icon.
  9. Move to the position where you need to place the icon when the installation is completed.

Like this, we can easily install this Jio Switch on a PC. And enjoy using the app features.

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There are so many specifications that we need to understand to use this app in a proper manner. The name of this app is “Jio Switch”. The latest version of this app with is available to download is 4.04.21. The last update that was made in this app is on December 3 in the year 2022. It will come under the category of a file transfer application. The size of this app is 6.9 MB. All types of devices can use this application which are having sharing facility.


For the people who are always engaged in the file transfer process for them, this app is an excellent suggestion. This app has the capability of running in the background which makes this more comfortable to use while we are working on other platforms where we are not able to come outside while using.

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