Khatabook App For PC Windows 11/10/7

Khatabook is one of the top-rated apps used for monitoring the transactions that are made by small shopkeepers and vendors. In the present digital world, it is very necessary to take care while making the transactions. It is a good way to keep track of all the transactions that are being made by your customers, It also helps you to know how much money has been received on each item or service.

It can be used as a tool to check the sales of any product or service. This app makes people aware about the status of their products. It can track the transactions with the help of messages through SMS and WhatsApp.

Khatabook App For PC

Download Khatabook For PC Windows 11/10/7


Most of the people in the present days are not carrying cash with them to purchase the items. Instead of cash, they are using UPI, debit cards, credit cards and so on for payment purposes. There are so many apps that are used for checking the payment history. But all the time a single app cannot monitor the transactions made in different modes at that time this Khatabook app came into action.

It is having a versatile nature that is, it can able monitor the transactions irrespective of the payment formats. It has been designed by the developers of Khatabook. This app is very easy to use and you can easily make payments from this app. It is mostly useful for the people who are maintaining small shops for their livelihood. It can also be used to send out notices regarding the sale of certain items.

Features of the Khatabook app:

  1. Majorly used tool for money transaction purposes.
  2. Work with feasibility and do not stuck in the middle.
  3. Maintains the records of the transactions made.
  4. Regularly updates the user about the payment details.
  5. Can able to recall the lost transaction with a single tap.
  6. It will work through messages only, doesn’t require any other software.
  7. We can able change the language of the app interface to whichever language we want.
  8. All the account and transaction details are kept safe.
  9. It will also send reminders to the customers about the payment dues.

The above-mentioned things are the best features of the Khatabook. Not only this there are a lot of features that are provided by this app, but these features may vary from user to user.

How to install Khatabook on PC ?

Since it is basically designed for smartphones, we need to use an emulator to use the same application on PC. The emulator we are using here is the bluestacks emulator. After installing this emulator, the installation

process of any other apps will become very easy for the users. The steps involved in the process ofinstalling the Khatabook app are,

  1. Firstly download the bluestacks emulator file from their official website.
  2. After that double click on the downloaded file so that it can be installed.
  3. Then complete the setup process of the emulator by giving appropriate permissions.
  4. Next open the installed emulator.
  5. On the home page of the emulator locate the playstore app.
  6. Then in the playstore search for the Khatabook app.
  7. Tap on the search button, it will show a bunch of results.
  8. Click on the original one.
  9. Again click on the install button.

 Like this, you can easily install the Khatabook app in very simple steps.

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Using Khatabook app online web version:

As the no users who are using this app is increased. The app developers also introduced this app in the form of a web version. where the user can use its facilities without installing them. For his process you need to go to a web browser. In that web browser search for appKhatabook

Then you are directly redirected to their official website. There you either need to create an account if you are new otherwise you need to login into your account of the Khatabook app.


This app not only serves as a transaction monitoring app, even you can perform actions like maintaining a business card, can be used to transfer money from one account to another account and also we can maintain multiple businesses at a time. In the above mentioned methods, you can use any one of them. Both, installation and without installation work in an excellent manner. This app plays a major role in the life small-scale workers who are not able to manage their transactions.

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