Mi Drop for PC Windows 11/10/7

Mi Drop which is also known as the Xiaomi Shareme app is a famous app for file transfers. People often encounter the situations where they will need to transfer their files from mobile to the system. At that time the normal apps are not suitable because there are so many limitations among them, So this Mi Drop app came into action.

Mi drop app is a great tool for transferring files from one device to another. It has been developed by Xiaomi company in order to make it easier for users to transfer files between devices and other applications. Mi drop app is very easy to use and can be used on any device with a single click. You just have to select your device and start transferring files from one device to another without any hassle. Mi drop app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. This Mi Drop app is also available on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download Mi Drop for PC Windows 11/10/7


To transfer files without any internet connection is very difficult. But this Mi Drop will make this thing to happen in an easier way. This is because the data transfer speed of the Mi drop app depends on the connectivity of the device with the other device. So, if you want to transfer files from one device to another then it is very simple to use the Mi Drop app.

Mi Drop is the most popular among all other sharing apps. It is having more than 100 million downloads at present. In the beginning it is permitted to smartphones only later on it extended its facility upto computers and laptops. It is very convenient to use this app and utilize the facilities that are provided by this app. This app works very well and is supported on all kinds of devices.

Features of Mi Drop app:

  1. It is having a very simple user interface and is very easy to use.
  2. Available at free of cost.
  3. Supported to all kinds of devices.
  4. Does not interrupt the file transfer purposes through ads.
  5. Very fast transfer of files between devices.
  6. Available on both playstore and AppStore.
  7. This app will run without any internet connection.
  8. We can share all types of file formats like images, videos, movies, Pdfs, documents and so on.

These are the major features that are available in this app. And most of these features are having a particular significance that makes the users more attracted towards this app.

How to download the Mi Drop on PC?

There are several methods to install this app on a PC, Among all of them we use the best and easiest way to install it. The steps involved in the installation process of the Mi Drop are,

  1. Firstly download the bluestacks from their official website.

Z After downloading it, tap on it to launch the application.

  1. Then it will go under a certain installation process.
  2. After completing the installation process.
  3. Click on it to open.
  4. After opening look for the playstore icon which is already present in it.
  5. Once you open the playstore type Mi Drop in the search bar.
  6. Then tap on the search button.
  7. Next locate the correct app and click on the install button.

Like this, you can easily install this Mi Drop on your PC. Once you complete this installation process you can easily use it for your purposes.

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As it is a file-transferring application. It is also having certain specifications which we need to take care of while installing this app. The specifications are, it is launched on November 7 in the year 2017. And the size of this app will vary from device to device.

The latest version of this app is 3.31.04. This app will come under the category of file-transferring tools. While using this app we need to give certain permissions like storage, location, media and finally Bluetooth. It is a safe and secure app so that any user who is wishing to use it can use it without any worries.


This app is a user-friendly app that an individual can use. With the help of simple clicks itself, we can transfer files from one device to another device. And at the same time this app is provided with advanced features like language support, multiple connectivity, and pausing the transfer in the middle whenever required. Works with the fast mode of transfer. It will never allow any restrictions while sharing files. Large files are also transferred within few seconds.

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