How to Remove Mobile Number/Ad from OLX

OLX(OnLine eXchange), Inc. one of the largest online classifieds marketplace for used goods such as mobile phones, automobiles, property, jobs and much more. OLX, Inc. is operating in over 106 countries including India, Switzerland, Brazil, and Pakistan. This OLX is having non user friendly or not understandable sign up process and posting ads feature.
Delete ad from OLX
Anyhow while posting add it is mandatory to add the Phone number and email address. Most of the times phone number or email is incorrect that will affect the real owner of the mobile number.
OLX sign up form

4 Ways of How to Remove Olx Ad or Mobile number from OLX Website.

In this tutorial I will show you how to remove an ad or mobile number from OLX website. There are 4 ways of removing your add or phone number each one is unique you can try any one or more if it does not work for you. Please find the link for video of how to remove OLX Ads.



A. Removing an OLX add Without Account.

While posting an add you must have entered an Email, check the inbox of that particular email.


Step 1: Use search option to find the mail that you received while posting an Add.
Note: Preferred search query “from:
OLX activation mail sample
Step 2: After successfully finding the mail, In body of the message click delete your Ad.

B. Removing an OLX ad with an account

Visit the OLX website and follow the below instructions.
Step 1: Log in to the site.
Step 2: Go to the “ads” tab.
OLX ads Account
Step 3: Select the ad you want to remove and click on the link: “Deactivate Ad” (located under the title of the ad).
OLX delete AD

C: Remove OLX ad with Mobile Number.

To remove the OLX ad using the mobile number you have to make a toll free call customer service center as in India.
Step 1: Note down the Ad ID, Ad Name, and Ad Email.
Step 2: Call customer service center from the number that is mentioned in the add.
Step 3: Call the customer service center of OLX by this number 1800-103-3333(For India), It’s a Toll free number and tell them to remove the add. They will ask some details about the add, if you have provided all the details it will take around 30Min to remove the add from OLX.

D: Remove Add by sending Email.

For this method to work you have to send a mail to OLX customer support, Email ID for India is, You can use the below mail template while sending a mail to support, or you can create your own based on your requirements.

Dear Sir,
I am facing trouble as my Mobile no. got registered in one of the add that is posted in and I am getting too many massages and calls and persons asking that are you selling ———-(Product Name or Title).

Registered name is ____ ____ at __:__ PM/AM
(Location ____ ____ (State), ____ (Country))
Add ID: 82998XX29
Registered No: +91 – 860XXX161
Add URL:

it is completely fake. Kindly remove this information so I will get relax and I will be thankful. and let us know if further information is needed.

Thank You
__________(Your Name)
_____@___.___ (Registered Email ID)

After sending a mail you will receive a templated acknowledgment mail about removing the ad that you have provided. Below is the screenshot which one of my friend get after sending a mail to
Olx Customer Servce
Try any of the above methods to get rid of the OLX ad that is posted with the fake mobile number and Email ID, to get rid of anonymous calls. Please comment if your ad or mobile number is not removed from the OLX Classifieds website We will help you for this issue.

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