Tekken 3 game for PC Windows 11/10/7

Tekken 3 is a fighting game in which different types of characters will fight with each other in several rounds. This Tekken game is published in the form of a series among them Tekken 3 is the third series. The popularity of this game is increasing day by day that’s why more and more series are being introduced into society.

This game has been designed to entertain people who love to play games. The main reason behind this game is that it has been developed by the developers of Tekken who designed each and every character in a significant way. These characters have been created in such a way that they can be played on any device having a proper processor facility. The people who are interested in playing fighting games for them this Tekken 3 game is an excellent option.

Download Tekken 3 game for PC Windows 11/10/7


Tekken 3 game is officially released on march 20th in the year 1997. This game was produced by Namco and published by Sony interactive entertainment. Both these companies play a major role in bringing up this game to the fighting stage.

It is aligned with the fighting video game. This game is available on different platforms like PlayStation, Arcade games and Arcade video games. Not only for this but, it can also be installed on smartphones and PCs also. Most of the children are very interested to play games which are having high-end graphics. In that also they will prefer fighting and action games.

This game is composed of more than 20 characters who are having different powers and performing skills. The famous fighting characters present in this game are Jin Kazama, Bryan, Eaddy Gordo, Hwoarang, Ling and so on.

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Features of Tekken 3 game:

  1. It is having well-designed characters that are used as players.
  2. They programmed each character with different fighting skills and techniques.
  3. Provided with high-end graphics in its range.
  4. Support different languages which makes the players to play the game by choosing their required language.
  5. They have different weapons and abilities.
  6. It is a 2-dimensional game only, but provided with advanced features. 7. Top game among all other games in the fighting domain.
  7. There are so many types of enemies at each level of the round.
  8. Can be installed in any type of device depending upon the processor facility.

 These are major features of the Tekken 3 game.

System requirements to play the Tekken 3 game:

To play any game there are some sort of requirements that needs to be fulfilled to play that game in an efficient way. In the same way the requirements of the Tekken 3 game are,

  • Operating system should be any one of the windows versions.
  • Supports MAC operating system also.
  • The required space of the hard disk is 1 GB.
  • RAM should be more than 2 GB.
  • The CPU in which the user needs to install the game must be a dual-core one with a minimum capacity of 2
  • Since it is a fighting game the device must have the capability to handle the heat that is generated while playing the game.

 The mentioned points are the minimum requirements to have this game for a user to play.

How to download Tekken 3 for PC?

To download this game you can directly download it from the web browser. The steps involved in the installation process of this game are,

  1. Firstly visit any one of the web browsers.
  2. Then search for the Ocean of the games website.
  3. After searching navigate to their official website and click on it.
  4. On the home page of their site you will notice a search box.
  5. Enter the Name of the game as Tekken 3.
  6. Click on the search button.
  7. Next the required files are displayed on the screen.
  8. Download the zip file of the Tekken 3 game.
  9. After downloading open and install the file of the game.
  10. Then customize the app the in whichever language you want.

Like this, by using the above simple steps you can easily install the Tekken 3 game on your PC.


Most of the people think that this game will ruin the minds of small children, but they don’t know playing games will increases the thinking capacity, imagination, technical skills and visualization of any situation. And this game is provided with facilities like high graphics, Easy control methods, optimal sound quality and attractable gameplay. The characters present in this game are designed by taking humans into consideration which will depict the naturality of the game.

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